Abram de Bruyn
Graduate Student, New School for Social Research, NY, USA
Philosophy student researching and developing alternative learning communities. I am convinced that pursuing the life of the mind in the community is key to the good life. Let’s cut the Gordian knot of teacher/student-centered pedagogy by de-centering learning and turning to principles of mutual interest and mutual aid!

Artyom Fyodorov
Co-founder of the free school SOVUM, Tver, Russia
I'm a co-founder of a free school SOVUM in Tver, Russia. I am a creator of educational technologies for children.

Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Independent scholar, Philadelphia, PA, USA
I'm a deputy Editor-in-Chief of Dialogic Pedagogy journal. I'm interested in Democratic Dialogic Pedagogy. I grew up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and now live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I speak Serbian, English and German. For more information about me see:

Eugene Matusov
Professor of Education, University of Delaware, USA
I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Dialogic Pedagogy journal. I'm interested in Democratic Dialogic Pedagogy. My languages: Russian and English I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Originally, I'm from the USSR, Moscow. See my publications. Email:
Predrag Milic
Urban scholar-activist, SKuOR, TU Wien, AT
I’m a co-founder of Skograd Collective in Belgrade, Serbia, questioning the role of education in urban development. In search of careful and inclusive urban transformation of our society, my work is directed towards marginalized children and against structural discrimination. Through practices of solidarity and mutuality with the urban poor, I am learning from and with children of Belgrade’s urban periphery who taught me that the future starts when they show up. For more information about this shared dream yet to come please see:
Ann Qiu
MEd & MSc, Founder of iSkool Learning Company, China
I'm from Shanghai. I studied education and information systems after working as a teacher and tutor in order to create an IT supported new model of "the best education". It was foreseeable to me that the mass education will fade in homeschooling, un-schooling and self-directed learning social movement. I regard myself as a self-directed learner and trying to use this way to obtain PhD.

Tatyana Yastrebova
Psychologist-consultant and leader of psychological groups, Angarsk, Russia
I studied psychology and philology. As a student, I worked as a leader in children's summer camps. After I graduated from the university I worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature, and then as a school psychologist, and a psychologist in a children's club. For the last 22 years I have been working as a private practicing psychologist-consultant and a leader of psychological groups (mainly for educational purposes). I have experience in organizing psychological trainings and seminars with invited presenters, including business trainings. My other professional specialization is wellness massage (not medical). I live in Russia, in Eastern Siberia - Angarsk, Irkutsk region.