Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the University of Students issue diplomas, certificates, licenses, credits, etc.?
No. However, you can petition your institution to credit your educational experiences, obtained by you in the University of Students.
  • Is the University of Students free to attend?

Yes, it is free -- but you always can help the University with your voluntary contribution. However, particular UniS edu-clubs and courses may choose to charge their participants.

  • Can our edu-club or study group be without a teacher?
Sure. It is up to your edu-club or study group.
  • Are the UniS edu-clubs in English only?

No, each edu-club or course or educational enterprise can decide what language or languages to use.

  • What are the UniS age limits?
  • Who can enroll in the University of Students?
Anyone who wishes to study something or who wants to teach something.
  • What if the meeting day and time of the edu-club I desire do not work for me?
We recommend you to join the edu-club and raise this issue with the members of the edu-club asking them to change the day and/or time to satisfy all participants.
  • What is the student's commitment to an edu-club?
Generally speaking, the main commitment is the student's self-commitment, everything else should be negotiable in the edu-club.
  • Can I offer a course at the University of Students?
We are welcome authorial teaching based on the students' consent. The University of Masters, where a teacher defines what and how to teach, is our good cousin.
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