What we offer

The University of Students may help you:
  1. Find peer students around the globe who may be interested in studying together with you;
  2. Find educators/experts/practitioners who may help your self-study;
  3. Create your own educational club (edu-club) or course for your self-study with other people;
  4. Join an existing edu-club or course of your interest;
  5. Organize a one-time event to share, discuss, present, brainstorm, and explore ideas and projects of your interest;
  6. Attend one-time interesting events;
  7. Start your educational process with the help of an accompanying advisor (pedagogue). In accompanying dialogues with the advisor, you can clarify and articulate your emerging and changing interest in education, indicating further steps, so that you can start and propel your exciting educational journey.
  8. Explore what you want to study and find possible educational trajectories;
  9. About the organization of your edu-club or course;
  10. To get funds for learning activities that may require additional financial support;
  11. Find instructional materials for your study (e.g., literature, videos, activities, sites, platforms).
University of Students (UniS) is a non-profit project. It is an educational space, online and offline, built on horizontal connections among people and among the communities that emerge here.