Create your own edu-club

Congratulations! You have a desire to create your own edu-club! Your desire may be crystal clear or a bit too fuzzy. You may need peers with whom you want to study in your edu-club. You are maybe very brave to contact strangers to join your edu-club. Or you are maybe a bit shy about that. Do not worry -- we, the UniS organizers, are here to help you.

To start an edu-club, you need to go through the following steps:
1. Create a short, attractive, and informative title for your edu-club
Hint: Think about the most attractive book, website, movie, or article that you read/watched about the subject of your interest on which your proposed edu-club is going to be based. Since this book/article/movie/site attracted your attention, it may attract other people's attention. You can "steal" the title of this book/article/movie/site for the title of your edu-club.
2. Write a juicy paragraph describing your edu-club
Hint: This paragraph can be a teaser. It should make people with similar interests want to join your edu-club. Test different versions of your paragraph on your friends to see if they can understand what your edu-club is about and find the edu-club's title and description attractive.
3. Create an edu-club on the UniS Miro board
Phew! The most difficult (and exciting!) part is done. Now you are in the technical territory!

  1. Make sure that you have enrolled in the University of Students. If not, please, fill out the Google Form:
  2. Login to Miro: using your Miro account. If you do not have a Miro account yet, please, create your Miro account, by clicking on the Miro link above.
  3. Please fill out the Google Form: We will help you to create a Google Form for the enrollment to your edu-club and a Google email group for your edu-club
  4. As soon as you get a confirmation email from us that we created your Miro edu-club and send you its link, please start filling out the Miro form with the information about your edu-club and modify the Miro form as it fits you. Use the two arc arrows on the left top of the Miro windows to Undo or Redo to restore any undesired changes you made. Check other edu-club on the UniS Miro Board for inspirational ideas.
  5. For help, feel free to contact us via email at
4. Sending email invitations to the UniS members and networks
  1. When your Miro edu-club and automatization of the enrollment are finished, develop an invitation email to potential members of your club. Include the title and description of your edu-club and the Google Form link for automatic enrollment.
  2. Send the email to the member of the University of Students: and any friends, colleagues, social groups, and networks that may be interested. To avoid the potential proliferation of email spam, please, use BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy) and not To: (whom) or CC: (Carbon Copy) for sending mail to Thanks!
  3. For help, feel free to contact us via email:
5. Deciding the organizational issues of the edu-club with newly enrolled members of the club
When you feel that you have enough members of your edu-club, please set the first organizational meeting by using the Google email group that we will create for you. You can use Doodle or other apps to arrange a meeting via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any other video conferencing platform.

You can discuss:
  1. when you are going to meet,
  2. how often,
  3. via what video platform,
  4. whether you need a teacher, facilitator, or a helper (if so, where and how to get one),
  5. what topics and themes you are going to study (you may want to brainstorm a list of such topics)
  6. how and when a topic will be decided for the next meeting;
  7. what instructional materials you need, how to get them, and how to distribute to all members of the edu-club (you may use Google Drive for that or any other platform)
For help, feel free to contact us via email at: